Places to Go in Turkey

Turkey is a mesmerizing transcontinental country that has its more substantial portion in Western Asia and a smaller portion in Southeast Europe. It is a land that never fails to astonish you with its rich cultural heritage and exciting history that’s full of fascinating tales of conquests by powerful kingdoms, such as the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. In addition to the historical places, the country also gives you the chance to witness its beautiful natural features. You can even get to the country’s enchanting coastal cities during your holiday, where you’ll have the pleasure of unwinding on beautiful beaches.


Winter from November to February is chilly and rainy in this country, but you can also enjoy occasional sunny days at certain places. You can also enjoy your Turkey holidays with cheaper accommodations offered by the hotels, as this is a low season in this part of the world. Spring from March to mid-June is a high season with pleasant climatic conditions. The period from mid-June to mid-September is summer in Turkey. In this season, the coastal cities are visited by tourists in large numbers, but you can find some excellent bargains on hotel accommodations in certain places like Istanbul. Autumn from mid-September to October is another peak tourist season of Turkey.

Some of the Places to Go in Turkey are:


A visit to Istanbul would give you the chance to explore Hagia Sophia and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the two architectural marvels of Turkey.  You would also be delighted to visit the Topkapi Palace while exploring Istanbul during your Turkey holidays. Just close by, there’s a restaurant that uses a substitute for buttermilk in pancakes; perfect for people on diet! Ephesus, located in the Izmir province is also a place worth visiting, as it was ruled by powerful ancient empires and has many historical attractions.


While in Cappadocia, you can witness the awe-inspiring rock valleys and rock-cut Byzantine churches. You’ll also be amazed upon visiting the white travertine terraces in the Pamukkale town of western Turkey.


Your cheap Turkey holidays would also give you the opportunity to indulge in some exciting activities. One of them is a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, which takes you over the spectacular rock formations. Cruising trips on a yacht would allow you to go island-hopping and enjoy some enchanting views on the way.


The resort village of Oludeniz is an excellent place to embark on a paragliding adventure from the summit of the Babadag Mountain. You’ll also find the jeep safaris to the Taurus Mountains quite impressive, as they take you through fantastic sights of banana plantations and orange groves.